Post Session:  I recommend reading this article for guidance on ways to explore and integrate what you experienced further.  Additional resources are listed below.  One of the most helpful things to do when you feel ready is to listen to the recording from your reading again.  If specific questions arise about your reading in the days, weeks or months after, please feel free to contact me.


Audio Discussions:


Introductory Course: Living Your Design Workshop: This is the foundation course for all further study in Human Design and the best way to go deeper into the basics of design so that you can learn to live according to your nature and to understand the basics of any design. Our course is self-study based with live meetings for Q & A and discussion of your design. More information here: Living Your Design


Charts: To generate Charts and see basic to advanced level keynotes

My BodyGraph

Maia Mechanics


Books that review the basics of Human Design:

The Definitive Guide to Human Design

Human Design System – The Centres


Personal and Professional Education: Our upcoming workshops on specific themes and IHDS certified Foundation Courses can be found at Human Design Collective Courses.


Source Materials:

Jovian Archive – Source Material of Ra Uru Hu

Jovian Soundcloud