Human Design Integration


Human Design can be a powerful tool for de-conditioning and awakening to true nature. These one or two hour sessions offer guidance in experimenting with living according to your design and exploring following strategy and authority while increasing awareness of energy dynamics and the conditioned mind.


Consultations are conducted and recorded in person or online using Zoom video conferencing, which requires access to a computer or tablet with microphone, video camera and a strong internet connection.  Once you have booked, you will be contacted to schedule your appointment time.  Appointments are usually available within 2 weeks of booking.

Once you have experienced your Human Design Foundation Reading, you can take advantage of ongoing guidance to support your integration of the knowledge.

This is often a process of coming to greater awareness through the body and mind while slowly deconditioning the false sense of self which is a result of years of adaptive strategies and influences from others and the environment. During this process, it can be very helpful to receive ongoing guidance in learning to live from awareness rather than the conditioned mind.

In the midst of powerful interpersonal and societal forces around us and our own minds which drive deeply conditioned patterns of thought, feeling and behavior, my aim is to be an ally for what is most natural, fulfilling and authentic for you. We discuss and observe life events and daily interactions through the lens of design, deepening awareness and the ability to witness and trust the natural strategy and authority of your body and awareness.

A series of 3-5 sessions is recommended initially. Ongoing support is available as needed and most commonly scheduled monthly or bi-monthly for 1-2 hours/session.


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