Human Design Cycle Analysis


A 90-minute Cycle Analysis session showing the ‘weather’ during certain periods of your life. Planetary transits inform us about conditioning forces as well as the major cycle themes which further the expression of our natural role and purpose in life.


Consultations are conducted and recorded in person or online using Zoom video conferencing, which requires access to a computer or tablet with microphone, video camera and a strong internet connection.  Once you have booked, you will be contacted to schedule your appointment time.  Appointments are usually available within 2 weeks of booking.

Cycle Analysis sessions show the ‘weather’ during certain periods of your life. Your birth design shows who you are and never changes, however, conditioning elements coming in from the planetary transits will present as themes during major cycles of your life.

Solar Return (Yearly) – The most detailed of the Cycle Analysis readings. Here, we look at the conditioning elements for the year ahead. Each year brings educational opportunities and personal connections. We look at the themes and people you will encounter and how to navigate the conditioning field as your true self. Recommended three months before your next birthday.

Saturn Return (Age 28-30) – The Saturn Return is the beginning of the movement into adulthood. This is particularly important if you have a 6th line in your Profile and can help to bring a sense of relief. Recommended after you have been experimenting with your design for a couple of years.

Uranus Opposition (Age 41-43) – The Uranus Opposition is the mid-life period. Here we focus on the transition from the South Node ‘breathing in’ to the North Node ‘breathing out’. Another significant shift in the life occurs at this time. Recommended after you have been experimenting with your design for a couple of years.

Kiron Return (Age 49-51) – Kiron is a time of flowering as an adult and shows you exactly what you need in order to complete the maturation of your consciousness process. This map of the true and correct self will reveal the potentials of wisdom as you learn what will enrich your process. Recommended after you have completed at least one 7 year deconditioning cycle.

Prerequisite: Human Design Analysis


Solar Return (Yearly), Saturn Return (Age 28-30), Uranus Opposition (Age 41-43), Chiron Return (Age 49-51)