Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from a Reading?

A Human Design Reading should feel like a recognition and validation of many things you have already experienced and know to be true about yourself, both in terms of what feels natural to you and what is challenging or painful. The first hour or so will focus on the details of your design and the last 20 minutes or so is for covering any questions you may have.

What if I am not certain about my birth time?

Provide the approximate time and how accurate you believe it is (within a few minutes or hours). Depending on the Design, I can let you know how stable the chart is. It is best to have exact birth time for the most accurate level of detail but approximate times can provide basic information that is still very useful.

How do we meet?

We meet online via Zoom conferencing. After you book a session, you will receive a zoom link for your meeting time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Readings are paid in advance. Please provide 48 hour notice for rescheduling.

How soon can we meet?

Typically appointment times are available within 2-3 weeks.

How much do sessions cost?

Cost is typically $150 – $325 depending on the type of session you are booking.

What do I do after a reading?
  1. The most valuable thing you can do after a reading is to experiment with your strategy and authority. We can best develop trust in our own nature through direct experimentation.
  2. Listen to your recording to absorb more of the information when it feels right for you. You will often find that you hear things that didn’t come through the first time around.
  3. Check out the Resources page for additional materials to explore.
  4. If you know you want to understand more about your own design and those around you, check out the Living Your Design Workshop, which is offered about every 6 weeks.
  5. Explore additional Reading Services or Integration Sessions if you would like guidance in using the information in your daily life.
Where can I learn more about Human Design?

Go to the Resources page to find information on websites, books and organizations that offer more ways to explore the system.