Many of us are told that the best way to succeed in life is to just “be ourselves.”  As simple as it sounds, that can be difficult for any of us to do on our own. Human Design provides a way of understanding what “being ourselves” actually means.  It is not a belief system, but a body of knowledge that respects our individuality and the fact that we are ever-evolving. It was designed to be tested and studied, to be explored and experimented with, to be verified by our own experience. It provides a unique map and a navigation system that can help us to know and love what we are so that our lives become more fulfilling and more our own.

An initial reading often provides validation and recognition of what you have felt to be true about yourself as well as the patterns that have been challenging and repetitive. It offers a unique map for your life. There can sometimes be a sense of relief mixed with discomfort about aspects of your design which seem unchangeable. It is very hard for the conditioned mind to surrender to things beyond its control. Instead, it would rather convince us to continue struggling against what is, in order to make ourselves, our relationships and our lives what it thinks they should be.

However, the map is just the starting point. Using it requires a willingness to experiment with what it shows to discover if it has value as a tool for navigating through life. An experienced guide can support you in traversing your own unique landscape, interpreting signposts along the way. Additional sessions can be used to deepen your awareness of the characteristics that are natural and persistent and see how they operate in your daily life in a way that is practical and potentially deeply transformative.

This is often a process of coming to greater awareness while slowly de-conditioning the false sense of self which is a result of years of adaptive strategies and influences from others and the environment. During this process, it can be very helpful to receive ongoing guidance and support as we integrate awareness and experience. Follow up sessions to an initial reading address specific areas such as de-conditioning, relationships, decision making and experimenting with your Strategy and Authority.

Counseling Sessions