The Living Your Design workshop is an experiential dive into Human Design as a map of awakening.  You will learn about all of the Types, Authorities, and Centers so that you can understand the basic level of any BodyGraph.  Most importantly, you will experience a deeper awareness of your own design and way of making decisions that allow your body to lead and your conscious mind to become a witness.  It also provides the fundamental information that serves as the foundation for all education in Human Design and is required for any further professional study.

In the company of allies and guides, we take a personal look at what it means to live according to strategy and authority as we begin the journey of discovering the difference between our true nature and our conditioning, leading to greater acceptance of what we are and the potential of fulfilling our role and purpose.  This is a process of growing recognition and transformation that can radically alter our view and experience of life and our place in it.

This course will be held online using our Zoom meeting room and is open to anyone, whether you are interested in further formal study, your own personal development or both.