Human Design Foundation Reading

An overview of your personal design and particular form (the uniqueness of your body). We review how to respect and follow your nature, including how to honor your natural gifts and your most reliable ways of making decisions. We also look at the ways in which you have been conditioned to act against yourself. This initial reading can awaken and validate what you know to be true and provide tools for navigating your unique path. It is a prerequisite for cycle/transit, partnership & family analysis and is recommended as the starting point for exploring the Human Design system. *Requires Birth Date, Time and City

For gifting a Reading to someone who would be interested in the recognition and guidance of their unique design. This can be used for a Foundation or Cycle Analysis by the recipient.

*Requires Birth Date, Time and City

Human Design Integration Session

The initial session provides a depth of information that is foundational for exploring the difference between living according to your nature and the conditioning forces that affect your experience. Integration Sessions provide guidance on consciously experimenting with your design, understanding interpersonal dynamics, and de-conditioning. We look at your life through the lens of your design, as well as spiritual and archetypal themes. These are generally offered monthly, bi-monthly, or as needed.
Prerequisite: Human Foundation Reading

Connection Analysis​

Relationships are deeply impactful for all of us. This no-blame analysis sheds light on any relationship significant to you including spouse/partner, lover, family member, co-worker, or friend. A Relationship reading explores the mechanics of relationship: the energy dynamics which contribute to the themes that attract and challenge us. This provides insight into the nature of the relationship itself and tools for respecting and understanding each other.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading for each person

Incarnation Cross Reading - Life Purpose

An Incarnation Cross Reading reveals life purpose as a natural expression that unfolds over the course of our lives. Purpose in this sense encompasses the role we are here to play through specific themes and frequencies. It shows us that when we live from our nature, our purpose is not something to achieve or enact, but rather something we can witness and allow to emerge organically.

Prerequisite: at least 6 months after a Human Design Foundation Reading

Cycle Transit Analysis

Cycle Analysis sessions show the ‘weather’ during certain periods of your life. Your birth design shows who you are and never changes, however, conditioning elements coming in from the planetary transits will present as themes during major cycles of your life. Ultimately, each major cycle transit can bring in themes that support the full expression of our natural purpose. These include the Saturn Return, Uranus Opposition, and Kiron Return.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading

Family Penta Analysis

When a family is created and lives together, a group aura forms which is called a Penta. This is an energy dynamic that reveals how family roles are formed. Without awareness, the role we play within a family structure often obstructs our development as individuals. Understanding the Penta into which you were born and the family you have created as a parent brings insight into how the gifts of each family member can be appreciated and supported. This is an opportunity to discover the value and potential of family relationships.

Prerequisite: Human Design Foundation Reading, Connection Analysis for parents looking at the family together

Living Your Design Workshop

If you are interested in going deeper into your personal experiment with the Human Design System, the Living Your Design workshop is the starting point for formal education. This workshop offered by the Human Design Collective focuses on introducing the Centers, Type, Strategy, and Authority in a hybrid self-paced study combined with group live meetings for Q&A, discussion, and chart examples.

Personal Mentoring

The Human Design Collective Foundation Courses are offered in a hybrid format with self-paced online video presentations combined with live interactive sessions where the material can be reviewed and discussed in a group experience. I also offer 1:1 mentoring sessions for those who would like to learn the Foundational material in a more personal and private format. Please inquire for more information if interested in this option.

IHDS Certified
All readings & courses are certified by the International Human Design School (IHDS) and fulfill pre-requisites for further training in any IHDS Certified program.