Holistic Analysis & Counseling

Human Design Guidance with Amy Lee

A Unique Map Of Your Life

Human Design provides a map of the themes, gifts and vulnerabilities imprinted on your mind and body at the time of your birth. Although we may like to believe we have total choice and control in our lives, we often find that this does not seem to be the case.

Your map can reveal the underlying energy dynamics that persist in your life and affect your experiences, your relationships, and your daily interactions.

When you become aware of these dynamics, you can eliminate resistance and inner tension that interferes with your natural, effortless acceptance of what you are and your natural purpose.

This is a practical and profound recognition of your nature that provides tools for living a life you love.

Where to begin?

If you are new to Human Design and would like to explore a profound and transformational journey, start here.

Human Design Collective Podcast

The Human Design Collective podcast explores the Human Design System mapping the individual human potential, from the mundane to the mystical and how it relates to the ways we live, love and relate.

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I’m not sure that I can fully put into words the kindness, skill and ease that Amy possesses. Her natural ability to connect with people, teamed with her humor, knowledge and compassion serve as an unstoppable force for good.
- Amanda S.
Human Design is a true road map for my life. Amy reinforced to me what I find important and value. I gained insight on my choices and it explained so many things I have been experiencing but that I was not totally conscious of.
- Jane P.
Our time together was incredibly helpful, validating, informative, and meaningful...and I feel it's just the beginning. I've been struggling in a number of ways recently and I'm already feeling stronger and more grounded.​
- Alison E.