A Unique Map Of Your Life

All of life operates according to certain patterns and mechanical principles. When we don’t understand them, life can seem confusing, mysterious, and full of obstacles. When we become aware of these underlying principles, we can find relief and even humor in seeing things more clearly. A Human Design chart can reveal the underlying energy dynamics that persist in our lives and affect our experiences, relationships, and daily interactions. When we become aware of these dynamics, we can eliminate resistance and inner tension that interferes with the innate, effortless acceptance of what we are and our natural purpose. This is a practical and profound recognition that provides tools for living a life that is truly unique.


Amy Lee, Analyst & Guide

For the last 25 years, I have been studying systems that attempt to explain human nature psychologically, spiritually, and in terms of our physical well being. Since 2009, I have been deeply focused and  immersed in working with the Human Design System. I have seen aspects of the truth within it reflected in many other systems, but have found Human Design to be the most accurate, practical, and profound synthesis of understanding about how we live, function, and fulfill our purpose as human beings. 


Foundation Readings

An in-depth analysis of your personal design, the bodygraph. if you have not had a reading before, this is the place to start.

Cycles & Stages Of Life

Each major cycle transit brings in themes that support and develop the full expression of our natural purpose.


Certified Foundation Courses, including Living Your Design, Rave ABCs, & Rave Cartography through the Human Design Collective.

Human Design Collective

Learn more about the Human Design and connect with others experimenting with this system. We offer IHDS certified Foundation Courses and transformational workshops for beginners and those with more experience. Our Foundation Courses are offered in a hybrid format self-paced study and live interactive workshops in a relaxed and spacious learning environment. ‚Äč