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Holistic Analysis & Counseling

Practical Guidance According to Your Unique Design

What is Human Design?


Based on Human Design for Individuals, Relationships, Transit Cycles, & Family Groups.  Readings are available by recording or live in person or online.

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Ongoing support for living according to your nature.  Personal guidance for the de-conditioning process and understanding the deeper elements of design.

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Current and upcoming group study in Living Your Design, for personal development or for beginning the  professional training process in Human Design.

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Being awake is not extraordinary.  It is not unattainable.  It is entirely natural, though uncommon.  Our natural aliveness has often been buried beneath layers of habits and learned strategies that have helped us to identify with our roles, our culture, our society or our wounds.  Becoming awake is less about acquiring anything and more about letting go.  It is often a leap into the unknown.  It can be surprising, disorienting, and hilariously liberating.  It can cause others to reject us or embrace us in a way that is entirely new.  Awakening may not bring us the life we think we want, it may take some things away, but it is a treasure for which there is no substitute.

When information isn’t enough…

A Human Design Guide can offer an experiential transmission of the gifts of this system and coaching about how to apply it to your life.  Knowledge and information are offered as a map for your unique experiment, which only you can verify. A good guide can assist you in recognizing and trusting the authority of your own nature and awareness.

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